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Class: mlreportgen.dom.Document
Namespace: mlreportgen.dom

Append DOM or MATLAB object to document


domObjOut = append(docObj,textContent) appends text or numbers to a document and returns a text object. In Microsoft® Word and PDF output, the text is wrapped in a paragraph because Word and PDF do not permit unwrapped text to be added to the body of a document. In HTML output, the text is not wrapped in a paragraph.

domObjOut = append(docObj,listContent) appends an unordered list and returns an unordered list object.


domObjOut = append(docObj,tableContent) appends a table and returns a table object.

domObjOut = append(docObj,paraObj,pageLayoutObj) appends a paragraph, starts a new page layout section whose properties are specified by the pageLayoutObject, and returns a paragraph object.


domObjOut = append(___,styleName) appends the specified content, using the specified style.


domObjOut = append(docObj,domObj) appends a DOM object to the document and returns that object.

Input Arguments

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Document to which to append content, specified as an mlreportgen.dom.Document object.

Text to append to document, specified as a character vector or string scalar. The text object is wrapped in a paragraph object and the paragraph is appended to the document. The text is wrapped in a paragraph to be consistent with Microsoft Word, which does not allow text to be added to the body of a document. For HTML, text wrapping can cause unexpected behavior.

List object to append to document, specified as an ordered list, unordered list, or an array. If the input is a 1D horizontal array of double values or strings, or a 1D categorical array, an unordered list object is created and that list object is appended it to the document.

Table object to append to document, specified as one of:

  • 2D array of double values — Appends and returns a Table object

  • 2D array of strings — Appends and returns a Table object

  • 2D categorical array — Appends and returns a Table object

  • Cell array of strings for the table header and a numeric, cell, or categorical array for the table body — Appends and returns a FormalTable object

  • MATLAB table — Appends and returns a MATLABTable object

Paragraph to append to document, specified as a paragraph object. It also starts a new page layout section with properties specified by the pageLayoutObj input.

Page layout to apply to the appended page layout section, specified as a PageLayout object.

Style to apply to text, table or list input.

DOM object to append to document, specified as any of these mlreportgen.dom objects:

  • Container

  • CustomElement

  • DOCXPageLayout

  • ExternalLInk

  • FormalTable

  • Group

  • HorizontalRule

  • HTML

  • HTMLFile

  • HTMLPage

  • Image

  • InternalLInk

  • LineBreak

  • LinkTarget

  • MATLABTable

  • NumPages

  • OrderedList

  • Page

  • PageBreak

  • PageRef

  • Paragraph

  • PDFPageLayout

  • RawText

  • StyleRef

  • Table

  • Text

  • UnorderedList

Output Arguments

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Appended object returned. The type of object depends on the second input type.


Append an Ordered List Object

Create an OrderedList object and append it to a report.

import mlreportgen.dom.*;
d = Document('mydoc','html');

ol = OrderedList({'first step' 'second step' 'last step'});


Specify a Style for Appended Text

Use the Word Title style for the text.

import mlreportgen.dom.*;
d = Document('mydoc','docx');
append(d,'This Is a Title','Title');

Append a MATLAB Table

% Create a MATLAB table named patients from workspace variables. 
load patients;
BloodPreasure = [Systolic Diastolic];
patients = table(Gender,Age,Smoker,BloodPreasure);
patients.Properties.RowNames = LastName;

% Sort the table based on the Age variable. 
sorted = sortrows(patients,'Age');

% Create a report with the sorted patients table 
rpt = mlreportgen.dom.Document('MyFileName','pdf');

% Show the PDF report in the viewer

Append a Cell Array as a Table

import mlreportgen.dom.*;
d = Document('mydoc');
table = append(d,{'row 1 - col 1' 'row 1 - col 2';...
    'row 2 - col 1' 'row 2 - col 2'});
table.Style = {Border('double'),ColSep('solid'),RowSep('solid')};

Version History

Introduced in R2014b