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System Hierarchy

Create nested list that shows hierarchy of specified system


This component creates a nested list that shows the hierarchy of a specified system. The list can display all systems in a model, or the parents and children of the current system.

Starting System

  • Build list from: Specifies the system or model from which to build the list.

    • Current system

    • Current model

  • Emphasize current system: Highlights the current system or model in the generated report.

Display Systems

  • Show number of parents: Specifies the number of parents to list.

  • Display peers of current system: Shows the peers of the current system in the generated report.

  • Show children to depth: Specifies the depth of children to list.

List Formatting

  • List type:

    • Bulleted list: Set the list type to unordered.

    • Numbered list: Allows you to select numbering options in the Numbering style section.

  • Numbering style: Allows you to select a numbering style in the selection list, by setting List style to Numbered list. Only the RTF/DOC report format supports this option.

    • 1,2,3,4,...

    • a,b,c,d,...

    • A,B,C,D,...

    • i,ii,iii,iv,...

    • I,II,III,IV,...

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