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Customize SerDes System in MATLAB

Open the SerDes Designer app. In the CONFIGURATION tab of the app toolstrip, set Symbol Time (ps) to 125 and Target BER to 1e-12.

In a new blank canvas, add an FFE block to the Tx side. Add an AGC, a CTLE and a DFECDR block to the Rx side.

Select the channel block. Set Channel loss (dB) to 13.

From the EXPORT tab of the app toolstrip, select Generate MATLAB code for SerDes System. A MATLAB® script open that represents the command line interface to the SerDes system.

The MATLAB script contains the code to generate the transmitter and receiver building blocks and analog models. It also contains the channel information and SerDes system configuration. The script exposes every parameter that is part of the SerDes system. You can modify the parameters to further explore the SerDes system.

For example, to see the effect of Channel loss on the SerDes system, scroll down to the section of the MATLAB script that says % Build ChannelData. Replace the default code section with the following code:

% Build ChannelData:
channelLoss = 5;
channel = ChannelData( ...
	'ChannelLossdB',channelLoss, ...
	'ChannelLossFreq',5000000000, ...

Save the change and run the script. Keep changing the value of channelLoss to see the effect of changing channel loss.

The eye diagram when the Channel loss is set to 5 dB:

The eye diagram when the Channel loss is set to 16 dB:

After you finalize the SerDes system with your desired Channel Loss, you can export the MATLAB script of the SerDes system as a Simulink® model. From the Simulink canvas, you can perform further time-domain analysis, or export the system to a AMI model.

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