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Upgrading Hydraulic Models to Use Isothermal Liquid Blocks

Resources for converting models from the hydraulic domain to the isothermal liquid domain

Use the isothermal liquid domain to model hydraulic systems where the working fluid temperature remains constant during simulation. (since R2020a)

Upgrade your legacy hydraulic models to use the Isothermal Liquid library blocks.

Each of the hydraulic example models listed on this page has a matching isothermal liquid example model, listed under Isothermal Liquid Systems. You can open the models side by side to compare them, or try converting any of the hydraulic models and comparing the result to the corresponding isothermal liquid example model. For detailed, step-by-step examples of converting and cleaning up one of these models, see hydraulicToIsothermalLiquid.


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Block Substitution Tables and Conversion Messages


hydraulicToIsothermalLiquidUpgrade hydraulic block diagram system to use isothermal liquid blocks (Since R2020a)
hydraulicToIsothermalLiquidPostProcessRestore original file names and links after upgrading hydraulic block diagram systems to use isothermal liquid blocks (Since R2021a)

Simscape Blocks

Interface (H-IL)Flow connection between hydraulic and isothermal liquid networks (Since R2020a)