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Control and indicator blocks to interact with simulations


Callback ButtonExecute MATLAB code using button
Check BoxSelect parameter or variable value
Combo BoxSelect parameter value from drop-down menu
Dashboard ScopeTrace signals during simulation
DisplayDisplay signal value during simulation
EditEnter new value for parameter
GaugeDisplay signal value on circular scale
Half GaugeDisplay input value on semicircular scale
KnobTune parameter value with dial
LampDisplay color that reflects signal value on lamp
Linear GaugeDisplay input value on linear scale
MultiStateImageDisplay image reflecting input value
Push ButtonChange parameter or variable value using button
Quarter GaugeDisplay input value on quadrant scale
Radio ButtonSelect parameter value
Rocker SwitchToggle parameter between two values
Rotary SwitchSwitch parameter to set values on dial
SliderTune parameter value with sliding scale
Slider SwitchToggle parameter between two values
Toggle SwitchToggle parameter between two values


Tune and Visualize Your Model with Dashboard Blocks

Use blocks in the Dashboard block library to visualize and interact with your model.

Decide How to Visualize Simulation Data

Choose the right visualization technique for each modeling and simulation task.

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