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View Model Advisor run results for checks



    view(CheckResultObj) opens a web browser and displays the results of the check specified by CheckResultObj. CheckResultObj is a ModelAdvisor.CheckResult object returned by


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    Run a check on a model and view the results in a web browser.

    Open the model vdp by entering:


    Use Model Advisor to run the check Check optimization settings on the model vdp.

    results ={'vdp'},...

    View the results of the Model Advisor run.


    The results for the model vdp correspond to the first ModelAdvisor.SystemResult object in results. The results for the check Check optimization settings correspond to the first ModelAdvisor.CheckResult object in the array of CheckResultObj objects.

    For more information on Model Advisor checks, see Model Advisor Checks Documentation. For details on how to find check IDs, see Find Model Advisor Check IDs.

    Input Arguments

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    ModelAdvisor.CheckResult object which is a part of a ModelAdvisor.SystemResult object returned by

    Version History

    Introduced in R2010b