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Parameter Estimation

Estimate model parameters and initial states from data, calibrate models

Estimate parameters and states of a Simulink® model using measured data in the Parameter Estimation tool, or at the command line. You can estimate and validate multiple model parameters at the same time, using multi-experiment data, and can specify bounds for the parameters. The software formulates parameter estimation as an optimization problem. The optimization problem solution are the estimated parameter values.

You can generate MATLAB® code from the tool, and accelerate parameter estimation using parallel computing and Simulink fast restart.

  • Prepare Data
    Plot, analyze, and preprocess data; remove outliers and other data anomalies
  • Estimate Parameters and States
    Specify estimation data, progress plots, and optimization methods; speed up estimation using parallel computing and fast restart
  • Validate Estimation
    Compare measured data with simulated model response, compare residuals

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