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Configure Requirements Toolbox for Interaction with Microsoft Office and IBM DOORS

Requirements Toolbox™ communicates with external tools such as Microsoft® Office, IBM® DOORS®, and IBM DOORS Next so that you can import requirements and establish links between requirements and Model-Based Design items such as Simulink® model elements and tests.

You can configure MATLAB® and Simulink to:

  • Use ActiveX® controls for navigation from Microsoft Office documents to Simulink models (Windows® only).

  • Use Requirements Toolbox with IBM DOORS software (Windows only).

  • Use Requirements Toolbox with IBM DOORS Next web server.

Configure Requirements Toolbox for Microsoft Office

When you work with older requirements documents that include ActiveX controls inserted by previous versions of Simulink, register ActiveX controls. More recent Simulink versions use HTTP hyperlinks to navigate from Microsoft Office to Simulink.

  1. Run MATLAB as an administrator.

  2. At the command prompt, enter:

    rmi setup

  3. Press Y to register the current MATLAB installation as an ActiveX Automation Server.

Configure Requirements Toolbox for IBM DOORS

You must configure your IBM DOORS installation to communicate with MATLAB.

  1. Run MATLAB as an administrator.

  2. At the command prompt, enter:

    rmi setup doors

  3. Press Y to complete the ActiveX Automation Server setup.

  4. Verify the path to your IBM DOORS installation. The setup utility will list the DOORS client installations found on your system. You can select a file path from the list or use the option to manually enter the path to the folder.

  5. If the DOORS installation was not detected in the previous step, press 2 to enter the installation folder.


If Requirements Toolbox still does not communicate after performing this setup, try the setup process described in Configure Requirements Toolbox for IBM DOORS Software.

Configure an IBM DOORS Next Server for Integration with Requirements Toolbox

To interface with IBM DOORS Next, you must configure the server for integration with Requirements Toolbox by configuring custom extensions.

Additionally, at the start of each MATLAB session, you must configure your session to interface with IBM DOORS Next by using slreq.dngConfigure. For more information, see Configure IBM DOORS Next Session.

Configure the IBM DOORS Next Server for Custom Extensions

In order to integrate your IBM DOORS Next server with Requirements Toolbox, you must configure the server for custom extensions and enable dropins. Additionally, you can install the MathWorks Requirements Toolbox widget, which enables you to propagate selection information from IBM DOORS Next to Requirements Toolbox.

  1. In the Windows File Explorer, navigate to the folder toolbox\slrequirements\slrequirements\resources in your MATLAB installation.

  2. Copy the mwWidgetForDNG folder into the extensions subfolder of your IBM DOORS Next installation. The location of this folder depends on your server version.

  3. Configure the DOORS Next server for custom extensions and enable dropins, and then restart the server. For more information, see Hosting extensions on the IBM website.

  4. After copying the mwWidgetForDNG folder to your server, add the MathWorks Requirements Toolbox widget to the Mini Dashboard in DOORS Next. In the Mini Dashboard, select Add Widget > Add OpenSocial Gadget.

  5. Specify the URL to dngsllink_config.xml that corresponds to the extensions/​mwWidgetForDNG subfolder in your server installation folder.

    For example, if you have Liberty server installed on Windows, the extensions subfolder may be located in: C:/Program Files/IBM/JazzTeamServer/server. The corresponding URL for adding the widget will be: https://JAZZSERVERNAME:9443/extensions/mwWidgetForDNG/dngsllink_config.xml.

  6. Click Add Widget. The Mini Dashboard now displays the widget.

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