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Test Execution

Multi-release testing, parallel and distributed execution, coverage, real-time testing

You can test your model in previous versions of MATLAB® by selecting previous releases in the test case. You can increase throughput for large test suites, iterations, and large Simulink® models by using parallel execution. To help you assess the extensiveness of your test, collect coverage. Extend coverage by adding test cases or generating test cases using Simulink Design Verifier™.



Debug a Test Sequence

Control animation, set breakpoints, track data values, and control stepping.

Execution Options

Collect Coverage in Tests

Use coverage measurement to assess the extent of your tests.

Perform Functional Testing and Analyze Test Coverage

Analyze functional dependencies, test model components in isolation, create suites of test cases, test models and code to achieve coverage.

Override Model Parameters in a Test Case

Compare simulation to baseline data using a parameter override and the Test Manager.

Run Tests in Multiple Releases of MATLAB

Run test cases in multiple releases, for example, releases that do not have Test Manager.

Run Tests Using Parallel Execution

Decrease test time using Parallel Computing Toolbox™ or MATLAB Parallel Server™.

Test a Simulation for Run-Time Errors

Use a simulation test case to test an anti-lock brake system for simulation run-time errors.

Filter and Reorder Test Execution and Results

Tag tests for selective test execution and results filtering, reorder test cases and suites.

Generated Code Testing

Compare Model Output To Baseline Data

Test simulation output against a baseline.

SIL Verification for a Subsystem

Perform SIL verification programmatically using test harnesses and the Simulation Data Inspector.

Use SIL/PIL to Verify Generated Code from an Earlier Release

Use generated code that was verified using SIL/PIL in previous release to verify code in current release.

Create and Run a Back-to-Back Test

Create and run an equivalence test to compare normal simulation and SIL/PIL code generation output.

Test Models Using MATLAB Unit Test

Test integration with MATLAB test scripts.

Test Integrated Code

Test code integrated in a Simulink model using C Caller blocks or S-Functions.

Hardware in the Loop Testing

Test Models in Real Time

Create a real-time application, download it to the target, execute the test, and assess results.

Reuse Desktop Test Cases for Real-Time Testing

Real-time testing based on desktop test cases, using external inputs for real-time tests.

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