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OS Customizer

Customize embedded processor operating system to support MathWorks and SoC Blockset features


The OS Customizer tool can modify and adds libraries to your Linux® distribution during the configuration of the SoC device.

Embedded Linux operating system (OS) can be customized to support any number of features and capabilities. Ensuring seamless compatibility with MATLAB®, Simulink®, and MathWorks® toolboxes, requires the addition of several libraries to the kernel to support these products. The features of the OS Customizer tool include:

  • Support for Debian®, PetaLinux, and Buildroot Linux distributions. For supported tool versions, see Third-Party Support for Software Generation.

  • Support for OS firmware distributions with Package Managers.

  • Support for external OS firmware image build systems.

  • Support for the Xilinx® platforms and Intel® devices.

  • Validation of OS distribution with MathWorks products.

OS Customizer

Open the OS Customizer

  • The start of the Hardware Setup tool prompts you to select a firmware image. Selecting Update my existing firmware image running on the hardware, starts the OS Customizer tool.

Version History

Introduced in R2019a