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Create Charts by Using a MATLAB Script

This example shows how to include Stateflow® API commands in a MATLAB® function or script. Creating a script of API commands allows you to avoid repetitive chart creation steps and recreate the same model with a single command. For more information, see Overview of the Stateflow API.

Run the MATLAB Function

The function makeMyModel, which is defined at the bottom of this page, produces a "base" Stateflow chart that you can reuse as a template for your applications.

ch = makeMyModel;

Stateflow chart with a hierarchy of states. The outer state is called A. It contains two inner states called A1 and A2.

Create Base Chart Function

This function creates a Stateflow chart and returns the corresponding Stateflow.Chart object.

function ch = makeMyModel

Create model and access new Stateflow.Chart object.

    rt = sfroot;
    prev_machines = find(rt,"-isa","Stateflow.Machine");
    curr_machines = find(rt,"-isa","Stateflow.Machine");
    m = setdiff(curr_machines,prev_machines);
    ch = find(m,"-isa","Stateflow.Chart");

Create state A in chart.

    sA = Stateflow.State(ch);
    sA.Name = "A";
    sA.Position = [50 50 310 200];

Create state A1 inside of state A.

    sA1 = Stateflow.State(ch);
    sA1.Name = "A1";
    sA1.Position = [80 120 90 60];

Create state A2 inside of state A.

    sA2 = Stateflow.State(ch);
    sA2.Name = "A2";
    sA2.Position = [240 120 90 60];

Create transition from A1 to A2.

    tA1A2 = Stateflow.Transition(ch);
    tA1A2.Source = sA1;
    tA1A2.Destination = sA2;
    tA1A2.SourceOClock = 3;
    tA1A2.DestinationOClock = 9;

Add default transition to state A.

    dtA = Stateflow.Transition(ch);
    dtA.Destination = sA;
    dtA.DestinationOClock = 0;
    dtA.SourceEndPoint = dtA.DestinationEndpoint-[0 30];
    dtA.MidPoint = dtA.DestinationEndpoint-[0 15];

Add default transition to state A1.

    dtA1 = Stateflow.Transition(ch);
    dtA1.Destination = sA1;
    dtA1.DestinationOClock = 0;
    dtA1.SourceEndPoint = dtA1.DestinationEndpoint-[0 30];
    dtA1.MidPoint = dtA1.DestinationEndpoint-[0 15];

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