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Statistical Visualization

View data patterns and trends

Explore single-variable distributions using univariate plots such as box plots and histograms. Show the relationships between variables using bivariate plots such as grouped scatter plots and bivariate histograms. Visualize the relationship between multiple variables using multivariate plots such as Andrews and glyph plots. Customize your plot by adding case names, least-squares lines, and reference curves.


andrewsplotAndrews plot
binScatterPlotScatter plot of bins for tall arrays
boxplotVisualize summary statistics with box plot
glineInteractively add line to plot
gnameAdd case names to plot
gplotmatrixMatrix of scatter plots by group
glyphplotGlyph plot
gscatterScatter plot by group
hist3Bivariate histogram plot
lslineAdd least-squares line to scatter plot
parallelcoordsParallel coordinates plot
refcurveAdd reference curve to plot
reflineAdd reference line to plot
scatterhistScatter plot with marginal histograms


Compare Grouped Data Using Box Plots

Compare data distributions using box plot notches.

Create Scatter Plots Using Grouped Data

Compare data distributions and relationships between groups.

Visualizing Multivariate Data

This example shows how to visualize multivariate data using various statistical plots.