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F28M35x/F28M36x GPIO Digital Input

Read the logical value of a GPIO pin configured as input

  • F28M35x/F28M36x GPIO Digital Input block

C2000™ Microcontroller Blockset F28M35x/ M3
C2000 Microcontroller Blockset F28M36x/ M3


Read the logical value of a configured GPIO pin.

This block configures the general-purpose I/O (GPIO) MUX registers that control the operation of GPIO shared pins for digital input. Each I/O port has one MUX register that selects peripheral operation or digital I/O operation (the default). When a pin is configured for digital input, you cannot use the same pin for digital output or peripheral operation. You can configure the pull-up and the open-drain options for the individual digital input pins. To configure, go to Configuration Parameters > Hardware Implementation > Target Hardware Resources and select the appropriate GPIO group.



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The port outputs the status of the digital pin you select in the Pin number parameter.

Data Types: Boolean


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Select one of GPIO ports to get the GPIO pin status.

Select the pin number of the GPIO pin whose status you want to read.

Specify how often the block receives message, in seconds. When you specify this parameter as -1, Simulink determines the best sample time for the block based on the block context within the model.

Version History

Introduced in R2016a