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Set multisignal algorithm automation flag

Since R2021a



success = supportsMultisignalAutomation(algObj) indicates whether the automation algorithm algObj supports the automation of multiple signals in a single automation session. Implement this method in automation algorithms developed for the Ground Truth Labeler (Automated Driving Toolbox) app, which supports the labeling and automation of multiple signals. If the algorithm supports multisignal automation, then this method returns success as true.

In automation algorithms developed for the Image Labeler, Video Labeler, and Lidar Labeler (Lidar Toolbox) apps, which support the labeling and automation of only one signal at a time, you can either delete this method or leave it unchanged. The default implementation of this method indicates that the automation algorithm does not support multisignal automation (success = false).


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Implement the supportsMultisignalAutomation method to indicate that the automation algorithm supports multisignal automation. This method is static and does not use the input automation algorithm, algObj. Therefore, you can specify the input argument as unused by using the tilde (~) operator.

function success = supportsMultisignalAutomation(~)
      success = true;

Input Arguments

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Automation algorithm, specified as a vision.labeler.AutomationAlgorithm object.

Version History

Introduced in R2021a

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