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Rescale Laurent polynomial



    Q = rescale(P,c) scales the coefficients of the Laurent polynomial P by the nonzero scalar c.


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    Create the Laurent polynomial a(z)=4z+6+10z-1+14z-2+22z-3+26z-4.

    a = laurentPolynomial(Coefficients=[4 6 10 14 22 26],MaxOrder=1);

    Divide the coefficients of a(z) by 2.

    b = rescale(a,1/2)
    b = 
      laurentPolynomial with properties:
        Coefficients: [2 3 5 7 11 13]
            MaxOrder: 1

    Input Arguments

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    Laurent polynomial, specified as a laurentPolynomial object.

    Scale factor, specified as a nonzero scalar.

    Example: Q = rescale(P,5) multiplies the coefficients of P by 5.

    Data Types: double

    Output Arguments

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    Scaled Laurent polynomial, returned as a laurentPolynmial object.

    Extended Capabilities

    C/C++ Code Generation
    Generate C and C++ code using MATLAB® Coder™.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2021b