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Vertical concatenation of Laurent polynomials



    V = vertcat(P1,…,PN) returns the vertical concatenation of the Laurent polynomials P1,…,PN.


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    Create two Laurent polynomials:

    • a(z)=z-1

    • b(z)=-2z3+6z2-7z+2

    a = laurentPolynomial(Coefficients=[1 -1],MaxOrder=1);
    b = laurentPolynomial(Coefficients=[-2 6 -7 2],MaxOrder=3);

    Obtain the vertical and horizontal concatenations of a(z) and b(z).

    v = vertcat(a,b)
    v=2×1 cell array
        {1x1 laurentPolynomial}
        {1x1 laurentPolynomial}
    h = horzcat(a,b)
    h=1×2 cell array
        {1x1 laurentPolynomial}    {1x1 laurentPolynomial}

    Input Arguments

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    Input polynomials, specified as laurentPolynomial objects.

    Example: H = vertcat(P1,P2,P3) returns the vertical concatenation of the three Laurent polynomials P1, P2, and P3.

    Output Arguments

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    Vertical cell array of Laurent polynomials. V is an N-by-1 cell array, where N is the number of Laurent polynomials.

    Extended Capabilities

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    Version History

    Introduced in R2021b

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