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Building Interactive Applications in MATLAB

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This course demonstrates how to create an interactive user interface for your application (app) in MATLAB®. Attendees will learn about user interface controls, such as push buttons, sliders, and menus, and how to use them to create robust and user-friendly interfaces for their MATLAB apps. No prior experience with programming graphical interfaces is required. Topics include:
  • Laying out apps in the App Designer environment
  • Creating callback functions for interactive components
  • Creating and updating graphical objects in apps
  • Making app components responsive to user behavior
  • Creating apps with multiple windows

Day 1 of 1

Using the App Designer Environment

Objective: Use App Designer to create and share an app by laying out components and giving them interactive behavior.

  • Working in the App Designer interface
  • Using gridded layouts to control app resizing
  • Adding callbacks to components
  • Programming callback functionality
  • Sharing apps with others

Creating and Updating Plots

Objective: Create apps with graphical elements that can be modified by user interaction, as well as apps with continuously adjustable components.

  • Using plotting functions within apps
  • Accessing graphical objects within apps
  • Programming components to update the app continuously
  • Sharing callbacks between multiple components
  • Adding helper and startup functionality

Controlling Component Response

Objective: Create robust and flexible apps with components that adapt appropriately to user actions.

  • Adding and using local application data
  • Working with button groups
  • Modifying component properties

Managing Multiple Windows and Apps

Objective: Create apps that use extra dialog windows and helper apps.

  • Using standard dialog windows
  • Catching errors
  • Creating helper apps
  • Passing application data between apps

Level: Intermediate


Duration: 1 day

Languages: Deutsch, English, 日本語, 한국어

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