MathWorks Certification Program Policies

Exam Eligibility

Individuals must be 18 years or older to take a MathWorks certification exam. MathWorks training courses are not required in order to register for an exam, but are highly recommended. The professional-level certification exam requires a passing score on the associate-level exam prior to registration.

Exam Registration

Registration for exams delivered by Kryterion is subject to the cancellation terms of the vendor. Registration for certification exams at MathWorks facilities closes 24 hours prior to the exam, and candidates who cancel their exam forfeit their exam fee. Please contact us with questions.

Admittance to Exam

Each candidate must supply two forms of identification (ID) to participate in the exam. The first must be a government-issued photo ID (e.g., driver’s license or passport). The second can be a credit card or university-issued ID. The name on the registration form must match the name as it appears on the IDs.

Security and Integrity

All exam sessions will be proctored by a MathWorks representative or authorized vendor. Because we are invested in the reputation and integrity of the MathWorks Certification Program, MathWorks may, and has authorized its proctors to, take appropriate measures in connection with any candidate who engages in misconduct or violates testing rules, including, but not limited to cheating or improperly assisting other candidates during the exam.

Electronic Devices

All unauthorized electronic devices must be turned off and remain off throughout the entire exam. No forms of communication, electronic or otherwise, are permitted during the exam.

Outside Materials

No outside materials (e.g., study guides, course books, code samples) are permitted in the exam room.

Food and Drink

No food or drink is permitted in the exam room. Proctors may grant exemptions at their discretion for any medications or special circumstances.

Exam Content

All exam content must be returned to the proctor prior to leaving the exam room. Scratch paper will be provided by the proctor; it is considered to be exam content and will be collected at the end of the exam.

Exam Completion

An exam is considered complete when any of the following occurs:

  • The candidate submits the exam to the proctor.
  • The allotted time for the exam expires.
  • The candidate leaves the room.
  • The proctor finds the candidate to be in violation of any of these certification program policies.

Time Limits

Proctors will strictly enforce the time limits of the exam once it has started. When scheduling your exam, allow extra time for check-in, the authentication process, and instructions. The professional-level exam consists of two parts separated by a break.

Communication with Proctor

The exam proctor is not able to provide any guidance, clarification, translation, or other communication related to exam content. The proctor also cannot answer any questions directly related to exam content. A proctor will only provide instructions for the exam and information on time remaining.

Other Accommodations

Any request for accommodations for disabilities or special circumstances must be communicated in writing at least 14 calendar days prior to registration for the exam. MathWorks will keep all information communicated in such requests in strict confidence. MathWorks will work with the exam proctors to ensure reasonable accommodations for all candidates.

Retaking the Exam

Candidates who do not pass the exam and wish to retake it must register and submit payment for a future instance of the exam.

Revoking Certifications

In the event that a candidate violates any of these certification policies, MathWorks may disqualify the exam, may prohibit the candidate from taking any future MathWorks certification exams, and may revoke any MathWorks certifications held by such candidate.

Maintaining Certifications

MathWorks may require that a candidate pass a new or revised exam as a requirement for maintaining MathWorks certifications.

Use of Designation and Logo

Candidates who have passed a certification exam may use the title of the MathWorks certification obtained (the “Designation”) and certification logo associated with such Designation (the “Logo”) in compliance with the terms hereof, as revised from time to time. The Designation and Logo may only be used in candidate’s personal business collateral such as business cards, resumes and personal Web sites. Use of the Designation and Logo does not represent or imply any affiliation with or endorsement by MathWorks. Candidates may not use the Designation or Logo in any way that contravenes applicable law or regulation or in any way that negatively impacts MathWorks reputation or goodwill. MathWorks may, in its sole discretion, discontinue or modify the Designation, Logo, and/or Certification Program, or terminate the license to use the Designation or Logo, at any time upon written notice to a candidate and (i) upon discontinuance of the Designation, Logo, and/or Certification Program, or termination of the license, the candidate shall cease using the Designation and Logo in any manner, and (ii) upon any modification of the Designation, Logo, and/or Certification Program, the candidate shall abide by such modifications as soon as reasonably possible. MathWorks retains all rights, title, and interest in the Designations and Logos.