Certified Simulink Associate Sample Exam Questions

Question 1

Select the block diagram that represents the ordinary differential equation below.

Question 2

Select the true statement about model and subsystem references.

  1. Subsystem and model references can be either virtual or atomic (nonvirtual) components.
  2. Referencing enables the reuse of a block diagram as a hierarchical block in another model.
  3. A model or subsystem can be referenced only once in a block diagram.
  4. Referenced models and subsystems cannot use bus signals as inputs or outputs.

Question 3

Name the components below in the order that they appear, from left to right.

  1. Subsystem reference, model reference, masked subsystem, atomic subsystem
  2. Atomic subsystem, masked subsystem, subsystem reference, model reference
  3. Subsystem reference, model reference, atomic subsystem, masked subsystem
  4. Model reference, subsystem reference, atomic subsystem, masked subsystem

Question 4

Sort the workspaces in order of precedence from most local to most global.

  1. Mask, Base, Model
  2. Base, Mask, Model
  3. Mask, Model, Base
  4. Model, Mask, Base

Question 5

Examine the block diagram and MATLAB code below. The model is simulated using a variable-step discrete solver with zero-crossing detection globally enabled. The top plot shows the actual simulation results, and the bottom plot shows the expected results.

Why were the zero crossings not detected during simulation?

  1. Zero-crossing detection requires a Rate Transition block in the block diagram.
  2. Discrete solvers cannot detect zero crossings.
  3. Zero-crossing detection requires a variable-step continuous solver.
  4. The MATLAB Function block cannot detect zero crossings.

Question 6

Select the true statement about enabled subsystems.

  1. Enabled subsystems can be virtual or atomic (nonvirtual).
  2. An enabled subsystem executes when the signal connected to its Enable port is greater than zero.
  3. An enabled subsystem executes only on the rising edge of a logical signal connected to its Enable port.
  4. Enabled subsystems provide a graphical interface for user inputs during simulation.

Question 7

Examine the block diagram below consisting of three inputs and one output. The model uses a fixed-step discrete solver.

What is the sample time of the signal d?

  1. 0
  2. 0.05
  3. 0.1
  4. 0.2