how to output interval spacing from quad, quadl or quadgk?

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Hello - I'd like to know how to get the final interval spacing used when the quad functions converge (quad, quadl or quadgk). Is there an undocumented output variable that might help me here?

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Ben Petschel
Ben Petschel on 1 Nov 2013
The utility PEEK on the file exchange is useful for this sort of question. E.g.
f = @(x)sin(x);
fpeek = @(x)peek(f(x),x);
[fq,xq] = peek()
Here xq is a cell array where xq{i} has the points evaluated by quad at step i and fq{i} has the corresponding function values. To get just the list of points evaluated, run
xall = sort(cell2mat(xq'))


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