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Lorenzo on 6 Nov 2013
Commented: Lorenzo on 6 Nov 2013
Dear all, this is probably a stupid question and it was probably asked a thousand times before… Anyway… I have a GUI with a lot of tables. Every table's content is held by a handle called handle.table1, handle.table2 and so forth.
I would like to be able to change the content of the tables automatically with a for cycle.
So far I'm doing this: set(handle.table1, 'PropertyName', PropertyValue) set(handle.table3, 'PropertyName', PropertyValue) set(handle.table2, 'PropertyName', PropertyValue)
And I would like to do this:
for N=1:20
set(handle.tableN, 'PropertyName', PropertyValue)
But… how can I do it? I would like not to change the structure of the handle as that would be a messy solution since I have 4000 lines of code and would require a big rework of the whole GUI…
Thanks a lot!

Accepted Answer

Lorenzo on 6 Nov 2013
That's great, thanks! I guess I'll ty and use eval in order to do that… That's something I've already done in the past but I wasn't sure if I could do that with handles as well…
Lorenzo on 6 Nov 2013
I'm not setting the same thing for all of them. The first option you proposed (dynamic field) seems great! I'll test that!
Thanks for your help!

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Nov 2013


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