Z must be size 2x2 or greater. HELP

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A real amateur here so any real help would be appreciated. I keep getting that error code for this script
kRx = linspace(0,10);
kRz = linspace(0,10);
kRy = 0;
kR = kRx + kRy + kRz;
[kRx,kRz] = meshgrid(kRx,kRz);
T1 = cos(kR) + kR .* sin(kR);
T2 = kR.^2.*cos(kR);
T3 = T1 - T2;
T4 = T3*cos(kRz);
T5 = T4 ./ (kR).^3;
Any help would be really appreciated!

Accepted Answer

Vivek Selvam
Vivek Selvam on 8 Nov 2013
1. T5 needs to be a matrix but is a vector. Check size(T5).
You would want to change the order of these lines from
kR = kRx + kRy + kRz;
[kRx,kRz] = meshgrid(kRx,kRz);
[kRx,kRz] = meshgrid(kRx,kRz);
kR = kRx + kRy + kRz;
2. T5 formula would create Infinity since kR can be 0.
kRx = linspace(0.1,10) and same for kRz should fix that.

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Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 8 Nov 2013
T5 should have the same size as kRx and kRz


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