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How to add a constraint on SimMechanics

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Leonardo Araujo
Leonardo Araujo on 13 Dec 2013
Answered: Ibrahim SAT on 23 Jul 2017
Hi guys I'm modelling a rotor (Brushless motor + propeller) and a plane with simMechanics where I add a rotation + thrust force for a time then I apply no more... The idea is that the rotor will raise for a certain altitude then fall. The problem is that the motor fall forever (Passing through the plane)... I've tried to use the constraint block but when I simulate I got an error on the solver "Singularity issue"
Do you guys know a better way to limit the translation extension of this cylindrical joint? I've heard about the hard-stop but I could not understand it well and I'm not certain that this is the better way.

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Leonardo Araujo
Leonardo Araujo on 13 Dec 2013
Here is the video of the current simulation And the scope view

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Ibrahim SAT
Ibrahim SAT on 23 Jul 2017
hello, ı try to control ballbot robot by using simmechanic. ı moved 3D model matlab simmechanic from solidworks. but ı dont know how ı will control it. Should you make suggestion to me pls. ı watched some simple videos on youtube. also ı am glad ıf you can share a aducation video ıf you have. thanks


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