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How to store the co-ordinates of a pixel in an array?

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Dear All,
I have a certain number of pixels selected based on a condition (if the pixel value is zero), and I want to take the first 10 of these pixels and get their co-ordinates and store it into an array.
Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

Answers (1)

AJ von Alt
AJ von Alt on 21 Jan 2014
Assuming that by the first 10 pixels, you mean the first 10 in column major order, find will do this for you.
% Generate a random logical matrix
binMat = binornd(1,0.5,[20 20]);
numToFind = 10; % number of indices to find
% find the subscript indcies for the first numToFind values set to 1 in
% column major order
[r , c] = find( binMat , numToFind );


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