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Dynamic Orientation and spacing of Data Tips

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Shouvik  Das
Shouvik Das on 21 Jan 2014
I am programmatically creating figure which plots one or more signals based on user requirements. The Data Cursors position for each plot and and their corresponding data tips are also dynamically calculated based on certain algorithms. Please note the position of Data Cursors cannot change for the sake of re-positioning data tips as it imperative for the proper data analysis post plotting . Once the plot is created it shall be exported to a PNG. All these happens without user intervention.
Since the Data Cursor position and Orientations (viz. bottom-left,top-left, etc.) are programmatically handled so I am facing issues where the Data Tips are superimposed hiding all or portion of data in it underneath another one. Is there a way to dynamically orient these data tips as well create spacing between in each plot to prevent these data tips hiding portions of plots or other data tips.
e.g. I have 6 plots in a single figure window and each of them 3 have data cursors and their data tips respectively. Ideally each data tip should not obscure the self(horizontal separation) or other plot lines (vertical separation) and also should not superimpose other data tips.

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