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Roger on 22 Jan 2014
Commented: Roger on 23 Jan 2014
the default color is blue,but i want to make the color of the data added black,so how to make it?

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AJ von Alt
AJ von Alt on 22 Jan 2014
If you want to make the line black at the time of plotting, add the argument 'k' to the plot command.
x = 0:0.1:10;
y = sin( x );
plot( x , y , 'k');
If you have a line that is blue and you want to make it black, you can use findobj to get the handle of the blue line and then set its color property value to black manually.
% plot something
x = 0:0.1:10;
y = sin( x );
plot( x , y , 'Blue' );
% the color values for blue and black
blue = [ 0 0 1 ];
black = [ 0 0 0 ];
% get the handle for the blue line
hline = findobj( gca , 'color' , blue );
% Set the line's color property value to black
set( hline(1) , 'color' , black )
Roger on 23 Jan 2014
yes,when i write set(findobj(gcf,'color','blue'),'color','black'); in mycommond window,all blue lines changed to black. there is a problem. the figure is maked by my gui , but after i wrote set(findobj(gcf,'color','blue'),'color','black'); in a pushbutton callback , it cannot work. what i want is to changed all blues lines to black once, then i need not to do it for every line by using plot tools,

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Amit on 22 Jan 2014


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