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how to prevent images and text overlaping?

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hi, i m designing gui in which i have some static text and images slideshow but there is a problem that some part of my images show hiding behind text so what i do to make them seprate?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Feb 2014
Put the text in a different location. Or make the images smaller. Or make the axis they are displaying in smaller.
A more complex possibility is to create a uipanel that covers the portion of the figure were you want the images to appear, and set the 'Clipping' property 'on' for the uipanel. Then when you create the axes in which to display the images, make sure that the Parent of the axes is the uipanel. When you display the image, make sure the Parent of the image is the axes just mentioned. Now if the image tries to extend past its allocated space, the image will get clipped against the edge of the uipanel, preventing it from flowing over to where the static text is.

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