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How can i transfer a data on a floating scope from simulink model into a figure plot in matlab ?

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Om on 18 Feb 2014
Answered: Michael on 28 Jan 2016
As mention the floating scope is from the simpowersystem renewable model, call the wind farm model (phasor type).i had tried changing the parameters on the top left of the scope option, and check the "save to workspace" box which enable me to change the variable name. my question is how will i be able to plot the plot from the workspace after the data is saved into the matlab workspace.


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Accepted Answer

Anuj on 18 Feb 2014
Suppose your saved your signal with the name 'x', you can use
You will get the desired plot.

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Michael on 28 Jan 2016
SIMPLOT was a handy tool, but has not been included in Matlab for some time, and the command "Redirects to the Simulation Data Inspector". The old simplot.m still works with little modification, but you have to call it simplot_mod.m for example.


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