Plot Magnetic Field Lines in 3D (streamline style) at Certain Latitude/Longitude

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I am trying to plot the magnetic field lines as continuous lines starting at certain latitude/longitude rather than small arrows at certain points in 3D. When I tried using streamlines, I got 2D plots at different values of Z. I am trying to produce a plot similar to
Thank you, ~Manar

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 19 Jul 2011
Is that a comet plot maybe?
doc comet
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Manar Al Asad
Manar Al Asad on 19 Jul 2011
I don't think it is. And I want to produce a 3D plot even if that one isn't. I've been trying to use streamlines, which seems that might give the appropriate results if given the right starting points (which are on the planet) but when I do that, I get weird looking magnetic field lines.

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