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I want to read a data from the sinusoidal signal at a certain time t

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Shivakumar on 7 Mar 2014
Commented: Shivakumar on 10 Mar 2014
I want to read data from the sinusoidal signal for a certain time. I need the same kind of code for the distorted signal too. Sinusoidal signal is generated by an alpha-beta transformation block and it is seen in scope. Those sine wave signals are sent to workspace. The format is Structure with Time.I've included the model. The output ofthose two simouts is needed. This may be one of the basic questions. But I need help.

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Anuj on 7 Mar 2014
Hi Shiva, first you need to change sample time from 4.85 to -1 again in your simout (To workspace block). Now see, your simout time is 100001*1 array and you are simulating for 5 sec, this means 4.85 sec is (100000/5)*4.85 = 97000+1=97001th value in the array, So you can simply do
this will give you the value of signal at exact 4.85 s.

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