How to connect Logitech Extreme pro 3D Joystick to Simulink on Mac

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I am trying to read my logitech extreme pro 3d joystick inputs via the Joystck block in Simulink. I am working on Mac OS 10.8.
This blok requires to input the joystick Id.
My problem is that when I run the simulink model I get the following error.
'Error reported by S-function 'joyinput' in 'untitled/Joystick Input': Joystick is not connected.'
However, I am connecting my joystick and can see it in the 'System Profiler'.
What could be the problem here? How can I know my Joystick Id?
Thanks in advance.

Answers (1)

Elias Hasle
Elias Hasle on 2 Nov 2018
Try ID 0 or 1. I found mine on 1.


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