batch arguements 'pool' v 'matlabpool'?

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I'm still running Matlab 2013a, and learning the Parallel computing toolbox. Noticed in the tutorials that to specify a pool for a batch job, you want to use the pair 'pool',<number of workers>. In 2013a, this doesn't work, but 'matlabpool',<number of workers> does. going to be sharing this script with others who have both older and newer versions of matlab. Should I be concerned to make the call to 'pool' also compatible, or will 'matlabpool' be a supported arguement in future/previous editions?

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Edric Ellis
Edric Ellis on 6 Jun 2014
The older 'Matlabpool' parameter is still supported in the newer versions of Parallel Computing Toolbox, but it will be removed at some point.

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Fox Peterson
Fox Peterson on 9 Jun 2014
Thanks Edric! Exactly what I needed (and wanted) to know!


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