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Matlab can‘t be used in osx10.10 system

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KAI on 25 Jun 2014
Closed: John Kelly on 22 Oct 2014
Matlab can‘t be used in osx10.10 system , how can i use it
John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 25 Jun 2014
This is no surprise. It will surely be resolved before too long. But 10.10 is not available to most of us, and will not be so for a while.

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Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell on 27 Jun 2014
I work for MathWorks. We are aware that MATLAB fails in start-up on preview releases of OS X 10.10. I don't have a work-around for you now, but look for information on this later in the year when Yosemite is released to all users.

Andy on 25 Jul 2014
Thank you Jordan for pointing out one of the potential workarounds. That workaround only works for one of the issues, not all of them, and it's an undesirable thing to be doing to your operating system, as it may have other unintended consequences.
Although there are already solutions or workarounds for several compatibility issues between current releases of MATLAB and OS X 10.10 Yosemite, including solutions we have already published on our web site, we strongly recommend against using Yosemite for production work until the the final general release is available. Apple makes the reasons clear in their developer previews and public betas, that using pre-release system software may result in serious loss of data, among other nasty things.
For those of you who are in a position find and report compatibility issues between MATLAB and Yosemite, please contact MathWorks Support or continue to use MATLAB Answers to report them, and otherwise sit tight. As we do with every major Apple OS update, we will continue to identify and resolve issues with Apple during their beta and prerelease period, and we will have more to say regarding compatibility when the general release is available to all users.

Eydrian on 2 Oct 2014
Just start MATLAB using the command line There is no need to change SystemVersion.plist e.g.: >>$ /Applications/

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