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When I use fitlm I always get the following measurement criteria displayed: Number of observations: Error degrees of freedom: Root Mean Squared Error: R-squared: Adjusted R-Squared F-statistic vs. constant model: p-value
Is it possible to specify which ones I want to see and also is it possible to add the MSE and MAE? If so, how could I do it? Thank you 

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Shashank Prasanna
Shashank Prasanna on 9 Jul 2014
Edited: Shashank Prasanna on 9 Jul 2014
Tania, you get everything by default. If you want to be specific you may have to suppress the commandline output (using semicolon, ; ) and then displaying it yourself using sprintf or disp:
Access properties like so:
mdl = fitlm(X,y);
Shashank Prasanna
Shashank Prasanna on 9 Jul 2014
Take a look at the examples in the link I showed you and give it a try. After that if you have a specific questions, we may be able to help you better.

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