GUI profiler: slowest at FileOpenCh​ooser.doSh​owDialog

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katerina on 10 Jul 2014
Commented: katerina on 11 Jul 2014
I am making a fairly large GUI (not a whole lot of data, but different GUI screens and a lot of tables, buttons, etc.), and as I add more functionality, it just gets slower and slower. I just ran the profiler, and the highest "self-time" section was FileOpenChooser.doShowDialog at 9.062s. I wonder what might be the cause for this - is it just the amount of GUI buttons and tables that I use? I'm not sure what information I can provide to help further on here.
As a note, I'm a bit confused about using the uitabs (so I'm not currently doing that),but I like using GUIDE since there are so many parts to the GUI, so I can set it up visually which I like. As the GUI is now, it's like a poor version of tabs. Based on what configuration the user seects, a different set of uipanels will become visible, so when I see the GUI in guide, it's just all the uipanels overlapping. I realize this is not good. I'd like to be able to use guide to make my different screens for the user in a more efficient way, but I'm just not sure what the best method is.I don't want one GUI to close and another to open -- it should be a seamless transition.
Sorry this is sort of a ramble. Any input would be appreciated.
katerina on 11 Jul 2014
@jan: it's slow to open! thanks for asking. the processing is not bad.
@geoff: After cutting out ~300 lines by combining radiobutton callbacks, my total program length is (rough estimate) ~1200 lines with 10 function files, and the GUI has maybe 60 radiobututtons/checkboxes,7 tables, and a few other things, including some listboxes. At some point, I will either be making this an App or compiling it to be a standalone program. I wonder if this minor slowness will be fixed when one of those happens?

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Robert Cumming
Robert Cumming on 11 Jul 2014
Edited: Robert Cumming on 11 Jul 2014
This could be misleading as the time (FileOpenChooser.doShowDialog) also covers the time it takes the user to select the file and then select okay.
Your gui may be slow if you have lot and lots of objects, including ones that are hidden or not been deleted properly.
Does restarting Matlab speed it up again (if so you have the equivalent of a memory leak and objects are not getting cleared/cleaned up properly).
objs = findobj ( 0 );
allObj = findobj ( 0 );
this will show how many objects matlab knows about.
If you close your gui the number should return to 0.
katerina on 11 Jul 2014
okay, the numbers did return to 0 after the program closed (thank god).

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