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convert double NaN to string NaN

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I have a cell array with NaN as shown in the image. How can I convert NaN to string NaN meaning instead of of seeing NaN in the array, I want to see "NaN".
I have tried this: TC(cellfun(@(x) any(isnan(x)),TC,'UniformOutput',false)) = {"NaN"}; but no success.
Any help is appreciated.

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 24 Aug 2021
A = NaN(2,5) ;
C = arrayfun(@num2str,A,'UniformOutput',false)
C = 2×5 cell array
{'NaN'} {'NaN'} {'NaN'} {'NaN'} {'NaN'} {'NaN'} {'NaN'} {'NaN'} {'NaN'} {'NaN'}
Daneisha Blair
Daneisha Blair on 24 Aug 2021
Wait, how can I get it in string array instead of cell array, please?
Daneisha Blair
Daneisha Blair on 24 Aug 2021
I got it :) . string(arrayfun(@num2str,A,'UniformOutput',false)).

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darova on 24 Aug 2021
Try num2str
a = {nan 1 nan};
ans = 1×2 cell array
{'NaN'} {'NaN'}
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Daneisha Blair
Daneisha Blair on 24 Aug 2021
This didn't give me quite what I was looking for.
For clarification, TC is in the structure of:
TC = {["Mercury","Gemini", "Apollo"; ...
"Skylab", "Skylab B","ISS"], ...
"Skylab","Skylab B"]}
% Output array
TC = cellfun(@(x) nan(size(x,1),1) ,TC,'UniformOutput',false)
which created double NaN
However, I want it in string NaN, like this {'NaN'}
Hope this help.

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