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In my codes, there are some functions like imshow or fopen files that need addressing. When I use my program in MATLAB I use pwd like imshow([pwd '/image.jpg']) for addressing and the program run and work correctly, but when I compiled my program after installing it (redistribution) when I open shortcut in desktop, an error message appear with the title that my program can't find image.jpg . When I check the address of searching, it is like :
I read this page but I don't know how to use this addressing.
Beside It I don't know where I should add these files ( images and texts ) in MATLAB compiler options. In file required for your application to run or file installed with your application.
I have some folders beside my files with image and text files. How can I have this structure after compiling the application?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 2 Aug 2014
You can hard code the file location where you know these files will be into your imread() or fopen() commands, or you can put them in the same folder as your executable or some subfolder if you use the -a option of the mcc compiler command. Or they can be on the search path.
It's also recommended to use fullfile() rather than literal string concatenation like you did (though that's not what's causing your problem).
Also, see the FAQ on the compiler:

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