Unable to connect Bluetooth Space Mouse

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I am trying to connect my bluetooth SpaceMouse Pro (bluetooth is via a dongle) to matlab using the vrspacemouse command, however no ID appears to be working (USB1-4, COM1-4) and all result in the error message "space mouse is not connected" (except for COM4, which just keeps running indefinitely until I quit MATLAB).
I am using a surface pro 7 and am happy to provide any additional information that may be helpful.
Thanks in advance!

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Jan Houska
Jan Houska on 10 Sep 2021
Hi Harrison,
unfortunately, the current SpaceMouse driver is unable to handle the wireless connection. This is a known limitation that is planned to be removed in future. For now, the only available workaround is to use the USB cable (that should be also available with the wireless devices) and connect the device using that cable.
Good Luck, Jan
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Harrison Low
Harrison Low on 10 Sep 2021
Ah, wonderful! I totally forgot that I could connect the spacemouse my PC with a cable. Just gave this a try and it worked perfectly.
Cheers for your help, Jan!

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