Error in converting App into .exe (executable file)

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Kaustubh hike
Kaustubh hike on 3 Sep 2021
Answered: Walter Roberson on 3 Sep 2021
I have made one tool which converts .mdf file into .mat file.
While converting this app into .exe through Application Compiler , it gives following error . What could be the reason and how can I resolve it ?
Preparing Runtime...
Downloading MATLAB Runtime installer from "".
Downloaded MATLAB Runtime installer to "C:\Users\38KS\AppData\Local\Temp\38ks\MCRInstaller9.9\".
mcc -o mdf_Mat_Converter -W 'main:mdf_Mat_Converter,version=1.0' -T link:exe -d D:\Tool_Development\Tool_Development\Practice\Convertor\GUI_App\app2\for_testing -v D:\Tool_Development\Tool_Development\Practice\Convertor\GUI_App\app2.mlapp -r 'C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2020b\toolbox\compiler\resources\default_icon.ico'
Compiler version: 8.1 (R2020b)
Analyzing file dependencies.
mcc failed.




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