increasing the sampling frequency in simulink to read input pulses from digital (PWM) pin of arduino

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I am reading the pulses coming out of a motor to the digital pin of Arduino Uno. The number of pulses that i am getting from the motor are around 20000. But i am not able to count these many pulses in simulink via arduino. Simulink shows very few pulses. Can anyone please tell me the how can i count all the pulses that are fed to digital pin (PWM) of arduino Uno. Or in other words how can i increase the sampling frequency in simulink to count all the pulses.

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Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar on 30 Sep 2021
Hi Aakash,
The sampling frequency is limited by the microtroller clock frequency which is avr in this case.
A good way to capture the incoming pulse is to use external interrupt block.
If your end goal is to measure frequency/duty cycle, consider using Input capture block.

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