How to plot outputs from an equation with user inputs?

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Bastion on 29 Aug 2011
Answered: Mohit Sharma on 1 Oct 2016
I'm trying to plot a graph (xy-plot) in MATLAB GUI. I have coded an equation along with input boxes for user inputs (the variables). So after the user input the many variables the program will calculate the answers. I have time 1 and time 2 as a range for the plot in the x-drection. Now I want to code it so it will plot all the points between time 1 and time 2.
What is the best way to go about this in GUI?

Accepted Answer

Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 29 Aug 2011
Oleg already gave you all the clues you need
u=10;v=20;w=1; %some inputs to your formula
c=u*t+v*(t/10)+w*t.^2; %your concentration formula, I made it up
plot(t,c,'*') %just the points
%plot(t,c) %line joining the points
%plot(t,c,'r*');hold on;plot(t,c); hold off %points and line

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Oleg Komarov
Oleg Komarov on 29 Aug 2011
Let's say you have these two ranges:
time1 = now-9;
time2 = now;
% And you want to create 100 equispaced points on the range [time1 time2]
x = linspace(time1,time2,100);
y = f(x);
where f() is the equation you have coded, then plot:
If you don't what a specific function does, use the help or type in the command window:
doc functionName

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Mohit Sharma
Mohit Sharma on 1 Oct 2016
sir please tell me that how to take input(Equation with range) from user and plot graph....


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