Formatting Subscript, and Superscript in Text

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Need some help adding subscripts, and superscripts to text descriptions.
title("D_{0} D^{0}")
title(sprintf('D_{0} D^{0}'))
title(sprintf('D_{0} D^{0}')) applies the subscript, and superscript 0 to the title, however if I use sprintf without the title function the subscript, and superscript is not applied.
sprintf('D_{0} D^{0}')
ans = 'D_{0} D^{0}'

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 10 Oct 2021
Note that the sprintf call is not required for this, unless it is necessary to also print variables —
text(0.4, 0.4, sprintf('D_{0} D^{0}'))
text(0.6, 0.6, sprintf('$D_{0} D^{0}$'), 'Interpreter','latex')
text(0.5, 0.5, 'D_{0} D^{0}')
text(0.7, 0.7, '$D_{0} D^{0}$', 'Interpreter','latex')
Experiment to get different results.
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Willingo on 25 Mar 2022
I was working to vectorize this, and while not as elegant as possible, perhaps this code will be of help.
% Vectorization of above process (with some implicit expansion)
exps = "{" + string(1:10)' + "}"
myStrArray = ["10" + "^" + exps]
x = 1:10;
y = 1:10;
I wish I could run it, but I'm new to this, and it seems that neither Code--> "Insert a line of code" or Insert-->Insert a code example let "Run" work. I just get "Error: Something went wrong. Please try again". The help site is also no help.

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Giuseppe Degan Di Dieco
Giuseppe Degan Di Dieco on 19 May 2022
Hello Star Strider,
useful tip, as usual.
Thanks, and best!




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