Linking projects together in Simulink project

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Mikael Sahlin
Mikael Sahlin on 29 Aug 2014
Answered: Tim Hosey on 26 Sep 2016
Im exploring Simulink Projects and I wonder wether there is a possibility to either divide a large Project into a lot of smaller ones, or linking Projects together without having to copy paste files from each Project. Often we want to work on Projects in smaller teams and if succesful we want to add them to larger Projects or connect several smaller Projects, is there a functionality for this?

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Christopher Berry
Christopher Berry on 30 Aug 2014
There are a couple of options for what you are describing, depending on your needs. The easiest, would be to use what is called "Model Reference" in Simulink. Basicaly, you can add a "Model" block described in the doc here:
Which lets you link to an existing *.mdl or *.slx model in another model.
Each model will have its own configurations for things like the solver, which may or may not be what you are looking for.
The second option is create your own library of components which could be added to an existing model. This way only one configuration would be active.
Happy modeling!
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Mikael Sahlin
Mikael Sahlin on 22 Sep 2014
Hi I don't Think I was clear in my question, I appologize for that. In using Simulink Projects I wonder the following:
Lets say I work at a major company that produces something large, like a car for instance. And we want each team work on their own Projects, to make this easy we want a team to work with modelling the traction Control systems such as anti-spin and ABS etc.
So my question is if each of these teams uses their own Simulink Project setup. Is it possible for me to link these different ones together (sort of the same as the model reference block uses)

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Tim Hosey
Tim Hosey on 26 Sep 2016
In R2015b a project referencing feature was added to the Simulink Project that allows a project to reference component projects.
The following link has more details on how this feature works.

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