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AUV webinar Design, Modeling, and Simulation of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

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I am trying to run chapter 2 Developing the Digital Thread of the webinar. There is an issue I am having.
error using open (line87)
'File AUVTestsResults.mldatx' is not found
GitHub link have the codes and files used in the webinar
The process of getting the code .m file
1-download the ziped file
2- run StartAUVDemo.m
3-MeanMune file will open with 7 sections. Run section 2 Developing the Digital Thread
"This version of MATLAB is R2021b along with the add-on mentioned in the webinar (Simulink Requirements, System Composer, Simulink Test... etc.) with an exception of DO qualification kit.

Answers (1)

Mike Rudolph
Mike Rudolph on 15 Dec 2021
The missing file is the result of running the tests. It is a pretty big file so we decided not to add it to the project. You should be able to just RUN the tests yourself instead of loading the results.





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