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R2014b, where'd 'TitleHandle' go? uipanel

Asked by Christopher on 9 Oct 2014
Latest activity Commented on by Christopher on 9 Oct 2014
I'm developing a GUI and recently updated to 2014b. I was using
hTitle = get(handles.uipanel,'TitleHandle');
newPos = get(hTitle,'position') + [0,0,20,0];
set(hTitle,'style','checkbox','Callback', {@Adv1_SelectionCb,handles},'pos',newPos);
which successfully converted the title of a uipanel to a checkbox. In 2014b however, there is no longer access to the hidden property "TitleHandle". I tried a few different ways to findobj() for this handle but have not been successful.
>> How can I gain access to a uipanel title handle, so that I may change the style to ___ (check/radio/..) <<
Thank you!


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2 Answers

Answer by Doug Hull on 9 Oct 2014
Edited by Doug Hull on 9 Oct 2014
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panel = uipanel('position',[0.5 0.5 0.2 0.2],'parent',gcf)
cbox = uicontrol('style', 'checkbox', 'String', 'sneaky')
cbox.Position = [290 285 60 20]
This is proof of concept for what you want.


Visually this solve this problem. However, I wonder if there's a way to link position of these two? If not, I assume I'll have to include a resize function that places the checkbox based on the panel Position
nvm, figured it out,. just switch Units on checkbox to normalized, and match
Thank you!

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Answer by Doug Hull on 9 Oct 2014

This undocumented feature has been removed in r2013b. You can access the title when you have the handle to the uipanel. However, the ability to change the titles type to checkbox is not possible.
What are you trying to accomplish, maybe there is a different User affordance that is supported and will do the same thing.

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Thank you for your response Doug,
I was using it in r2014a until today and it was working fine. I'm creating a database report generator, and using a uipanel to block things to filter things. (best explained through picture). I realize I could just have a separate checkbox and my input, but I strongly preferred using the checkbox in the title to keep things compact and clean. Is there a way I can accomplishing something similar to this?

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