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Multi- App/Class GUI with app designer

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Im currently trying to build a gui based plotting tool and want to modularize the gui. Right now I have 3 modules:
  • the main component "main", which would act like the root module
  • a row of plots, "plotting_row"
  • a "config_panel", to config what/how plots are created in the plotting_row
"main" should have one or more "plotting_row" stacked vertically. Each "plotting_row" consists at the top level of a TabGroup, with a "Config_Tab" and a "Plot_Tab". The "Config_Tab" should contain a "config_panel" and the "Plot_Tab" would be where the plots are created.
If possible Id like to do these 3 modules with the app designer, so there would be one .mlapp file for each:
  • main.mlapp
  • plotting_row.mlapp
  • config_panel.mlapp
But I cant find a way to integrate the sub-components into the container-components. Is that even possible or do I have to approach this in another way?
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Rik on 8 Nov 2021
I am not sure this is possible with AppDesigner. Do you absolutely need to use is, or can you still switch to another system (e.g. class-based or function-based m-files)?
For general advice and examples for how to create a GUI have look at this thread.

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Alamanda Ponappa Poovaya
Alamanda Ponappa Poovaya on 11 Nov 2021
I understand that you essentially want to combine 3 .mlapp files into one GUI. Unfortunately this is not possible. Each mlapp file is a standalone app. While you can get these apps to share data, it is not possible to combine them in the way you have described.
You use UIPanels to group everything together, or you can refer to the link below which describes how to create a multiwindow app

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