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How to generate a single ert_main.c for multiple atomic subsystems using Embedded Coder?

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I am new to Embedded Coder. I am trying to generate C code from the logic modelled in simulink. I have different atomic subsystems doing different tasks ( functions in the sense of C code). I want to generate separate .c files for each of the subsystems, but I need one single ert_main.c which calls all of the atomic subsystem function calls. May I know if this is possible?
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Aiswarya on 1 Mar 2024
Edited: Aiswarya on 1 Mar 2024
I understand that you want to generate code for a model involving subsystems using Embedded coder and that you would like to generate separate ".c" files for each subsytem with a single ert_main.c for the model. In order to do this, perform the following steps:
  1. Open the Configuration Parameters dialog box (Shortcut: Ctrl + E). In the Code Generation tab, navigate to Code Placement section and set the File Packaging format to be "Modular".
  2. For each of the subsytems perform the steps (Step 2 - 6) given in the following documentation link:
On generating the code, in the Code generation report, you can observe that there is a ert_main.c file, model files and under the "Subsytem files" section there are files corresponding to each subsytem which only has code for that particular function. This way you can modularise your code as desired.


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