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i USE THE CODING FOR SHOW MULTIPLE CIRCLES, i observe changes when change the scale of window (change points which are inside circles) )

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C=[39 41.2500000000000;34.3333333333333 93.6666666666667;85.3333333333333 57.6666666666667]
X=[28 92; 44 96;45 61;87 66;18 7;44 35;31 93;75 44;94 63;49 62]
R=[401.753966999705 99.4428926011753 171.334630345285]
hold on
for i=1:3
w=plot(C(i,1), C(i,2),'go', 'MarkerSize', R(i) ,'color','blue','LineWidth',1.5); % Plot small circle.
hold off

Answers (1)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 26 Nov 2021
I don't believe the marker size is related to the scale of the axes. It's independent.
If you want to display circles where the radius of the circle is related to the values of your data you should use viscircles(). It's in the Image Processing Toolbox.


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