Trying to get snapshots of webcam to show up within GUI using App Designer

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Says it all on the tin. I have my code running on a timer that reiterates every half a second or so, and in the function that gets reiterated, I want to have a webcam snapshot be visible within the app I'm making. I don't want the image to appear in a separate window. How would I do this?

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Rishabh Singh
Rishabh Singh on 9 Jan 2022
You can refer to "timer" for executing a scheduled command and to this documentation to refer to how to create a callback function.
Below is the callback function to load image from your webcam whenever it is called,
properties (Access = private)
Property % Description
cam = webcam("USB Video Device");
methods (Access = private)
function loadImage(app, obj, event, string_arg)
img =;
app.Image.ImageSource = img;
% Callbacks that handle component events
methods (Access = private)
% Image clicked function: Image
function ImageClicked(app, event)
t = timer('StartDelay' , 1, 'Period', 0.5, 'ExecutionMode', 'fixedRate');
t.TimerFcn = @(obj, event)loadImage(app);
You can call the above function using any of the callback function suitable to your specific need, here I have used "ImageClicked" callback to activate the timer function.
Hope this helps.




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