Assigning some matrices to 1 matrix

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Hamid on 3 Nov 2014
Commented: Hamid on 4 Nov 2014
I want to assign some matrices to 1 matrix that can be represent 6 matrices.
for example for 3 matrices: f1=[100 0 100]; f2=[500 100 0]; f3=[0 300 300]; f=[? ? ?]
What can I do?????
I got stuck for 2 month, please help.
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Adam on 3 Nov 2014
You definitely shouldn't be stuck for 2 months on something like this! If you state a problem clearly enough as you did here you should get an answer within a few hours on this site in general so don't just stay stuck for that long, though obviously do try things yourself first.

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Accepted Answer

Adam on 3 Nov 2014
Are all your matrices the same size - i.e. 1-by-3?
If so then
f = [f1; f2; f3;...; fn];
will work to give you an n-by-3 matrix where each row is one of your fn.
Ideally you don't want to have variables named as f1, f2, f3, etc in the first place though so if possible put the data into this single matrix format straight away without the need to combine multiple variables like this.
Hamid on 4 Nov 2014
that is not what I want but I think there is no way to solve problem.
thanks anyway Adam.

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